Submit an event

Want to know how to list your event with London Book & Screen Week? Read on for the full guide!

Step One—Sign Up

Sign up so you can add/edit your event, and we can send messages of admiration your way. It’s quick and easy!

If you’re already registered, you can get straight down to business. See Step Two.

Step Two—Add/Edit Your Event

Now that you’re registered, tell us everything about your event:

TITLE/DESCRIPTION Tell us what you have planned! The more detail, the better.

CATEGORIES Let us know the sort of event you’re running. Indecisive? You can tick multiple!

IMAGE Upload a picture! JPGs, GIFs and PNGs only please–high resolution is especially welcome.

TIME & DATE What it says on the tin!

VENUE Let us know where to go! And tick the box to enable a very handy Google Maps plug-in.

ORGANISER List the contact information that will be visible on the website.

WEBSITE Add a link to your own website.

ADDITIONAL FIELDS Be extra helpful by advising attendees of the nearest tube and bus stop.

COST If you are charging for admission, enter the cost here. If the event is free, then simply enter zero.

Hit Submit Event, and you’re done!

The LBSW team will be in touch with you to confirm. Contact us if you have any questions!

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